von Schubert, Petra

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Schubert, Petra (2006): MRO Procurement for Business Customers: A Longitudinal Case Study Analysis, in: Proceedings of the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), 2006, S. 1877-1886.

Themenbereich(e):Case Study; E-Business; E-Commerce
Art der Publikation: Konferenzbeitrag

Buero-Fuerrer is a company that decided to implement a modern e-procurement solution for B2B customers in the industry of office supplies. The company was looking for an e-commerce software solution for the seamless integration of the procurement process for its business customers. The main objective was the development of a customized software solution which would have a major impact on customer retention and the way procurement processes were handled. Buero-Fuerrer can be called as visionary regarding the consequent implementation of its e-strategy. What was originally seen as a challenge and "nice to have" venture is now the preferred sales channel and an absolute key to market success. Without an e-shop, Buero-Fuerrer would not have managed to become number one in the Swiss B2B stationary market.


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