von Schubert, Petra; Wölfle, Ralf

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Schubert, Petra; Wölfle, Ralf (2007): The eXperience Methodology for Writing IS Case Studies, in: Proceedings of the Thirteenth Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), 2007.

Themenbereich(e):Fallstudie; E-Business; Case Study; Business Software; ERP-Systeme
Art der Publikation: Konferenzbeitrag

eXperience stands for the method of imparting authentic knowledge concerning information systems in the form of case studies, practiced since 2000. Its core consists in the collecting and editing of empirical bestpractice solutions following a uniform structure. The methodology encompasses a uniform template (grid) for the presentation of case studies as well as a scheme for a common terminology in the domain of business software. We present the template with a focus on the four different views (business, process, application, technical) and discuss the use of uniform graphics for each of these views. The final chapter gives an overview of current activities around the eXperience initiative.


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