von Schubert, Petra

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Schubert, Petra (2008): Integration Scenarios for Business Collaboration, in: Proceedings of the Fourteenth Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), 2008.

Themenbereich(e):Business Collaboration; B2B-Integration; ERP-Systeme; Case Study
Art der Publikation: Konferenzbeitrag

This paper examines the theme of ERP systems and collaborative business. Various approaches for the electronic support of collaborative processes are used in practice. This paper shows in which way the chosen solutions are characterized in practice. Fourteen integration solutions were documented for this purpose in a research project following a specially developed, uniform framework. This was followed by a comparative analysis of the case studies. Through this process, five scenarios were identified: (1) parallel use of different information systems, manual external system access, (2) parallel use of different information systems, EDI with direct partner integration, (3) parallel use of different information systems, EDI provided by an intermediary, (4) joint use of a self-operated, central ERP system, (5) joint use of a central system operated by an intermediary.


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